Haven’t you tried Glovo’s Delivery Express service yet? You don’t know what you’re missing! This is a same-day delivery service through which you can send anything from point “A” to point “B”. Within the same city, of course. Want to know how you could benefit from the advantages of this kind of service? Simple, just read on and we’ll tell you all about it.

The first and most important step is downloading the Glovo app to your phone or tablet. That’s when the magic starts to happen. Sign up to the app and have a look around to get a general idea of how our delivery services work.

Delivery Express

Glovo is probably just a food delivery app in your head, but the truth is that we can make your life easier in lots of other ways. Yes, we deliver food anywhere and in record time. But our couriers can bring you lots of other things too.

Delivery Express

With Glovo, you can get your groceriesdelivered to your door, thanks to Glovo Market. You can also buy pharmacy products, like nappies or contact lenses, and get them delivered in a trice. Our couriers will bring you anything that fits in our capacious backpack, no problem at all. nd you can also benefit from Delivery Express, which will help you solve all kinds of problems quickly.

Delivery Express

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Why should you use Glovo’s Delivery Express service?

Firstly, we want to explain exactly what Delivery Express is. It’s basically a way of sending anything from one place to another within the same city. Our couriers pick up the item and then deliver it to the address you’ve indicated. It’s a very effective, quick delivery service.

Delivery Express

Now, let’s look at how you can make the most of Delivery Express:

  • Sending documents: Need to get some documents somewhere urgently, and don’t know how? There’s no need to drop everything and run. Don’t waste your time! We’ll take care of delivering them for you. This service is very useful for anyone who needs to deliver documents during their working day.
  • Key delivery: Forgetting our keys at home is something that happens to us all. Forgot your keys and can’t get in? In the past, you’d have had to call an emergency locksmith, and pay for their services. But thanks to Delivery Express, things have changed. Someone’s bound to have a copy of your keys. We’ll go to wherever those other keys are, pick them up and bring them to you. All as quickly as possible.
  • The perfect outfit: Imagine you’ve got an event and need a unique garment or the perfect accessory. Could a friend lend you something sensational? Tell us where we need to pick it up and we’ll make sure you look amazing at the big event.
  • Mom’s cooking: There’s nothing like mom’s cooking, is there? With Glovo’s Delivery Express, you can taste it fresh. Just let us know where we’ll find the tupperwares, and we’ll bring them to you.
  • Picking up products at stores: Already paid for a product at a store, and waiting for it to arrive? We’ll pick it up for you!
  • My charger!: Forgot your phone charger? We’ll pick it up and bring it to you in minutes.
  • Anything you can think of that will fit in the courier’s backpack can be delivered, no problem at all. As long as it’s legal, of course 😉.

Send and receive with Glovo: how it works

Now you know what you can use same day deliveries on Glovo for, we’ll explain how to use the service. It’s super easy!

Send and receive Glovo
  • The first step is obvious. You need to download the Glovo app or go onto the website and be signed up/logged in.
  • Once in the app, you’ll see the bubbles available. If the Delivery Express bubble is available, then click on it.
  • You’ll see a screen where you will enter some important information. We’ll ask you where we should pick up the product, where we should deliver it, what it is and when you want to do it. All this information is really important for us to be able to provide a quality service.
  • Once you’ve filled out all of the above, you’ll see the different payment methods available and the total. Now all you have to do is confirm, and we’ll get cracking.
Delivery Express

As you can see, you can use our app for far more than just getting delicious food delivered to your door. You’ve also got the option of using Delivery Express. Make the most of all the advantages of being a part of Glovo! We’re committed to making your life easier. So sit back and relax, and we’ll be there soon.

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