Got Glovo promocodes and don’t have any idea how to use them? No problem! We’ll tell you how in detail, so that you can make the very most of the Glovo app. You already know that as well as ordering food, Glovo has all kinds of wonderful features, like Glovo Market and the Delivery Express option.

This complete guide will explain how to use Glovo’s promocodes on your app. It’s easier than it seems, but it’s important that we give you some guidelines so you know what you’re doing. The most important thing is to have the Glovo app downloaded, and to have signed up. That’s essential for you to be able to enjoy all the advantages we’ve got to offer you.

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This is how you should use Glovo promocodes

1. Add Glovo promocodes to the app

The first step to being able to use promocodes is correctly adding them to your profile on the app. To do this, all you need to do is click on your profile on the app and visit the “Promocodes” section. Don’t know where your profile is? It’s the icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app.

Once in the promocodes section, all you have to do is copy the code you have and it will load automatically.

2. Use your promocode

The discounts will be applied automatically when you add the promocode to your profile. The promotion will be automatically activated. That means you can enjoy the discount on your next order.

Take into account that the validity and expiry dates of Glovo’s promocodes can be changed without prior notice, depending on the requirements of active promotional campaigns. So we recommend you use them sooner rather than later 😉.

Frequently asked questions about Glovo’s promocodes.

How can I check the balance of my promocode?

Your Glovo promocode might include credit to be used on the app, or a free delivery. In this case, you need to know how to check the amount before you use it. All this information is available on your profile in the app.
Head to the “Promocodes” section again. Here you’ll find all the information about the promotions you have active on Glovo.
The Glovo promocodes you have activated on your profile will be used automatically on your next order. If you have any left over credit then don’t worry, because you can use it on your next order. With Glovo, nothing’s wasted!
If you have any special promocodes for certain stores or from a certain advert, it works exactly the same way as explained above. Activate them from your profile and use them on your next Glovo.

I’ve got various promocodes: can I choose which one to use?

This option isn’t available at the moment. For the time being, the Glovo system will choose the code it uses on your order.

Can you combine various Glovo promocodes?

You can’t. The app will automatically select which code to use, taking their expiry dates into account. So, the one which expires first will be applied. Bear that in mind so you don’t miss out on any promotions.

And if two codes have the same expiry date?

The system will select one randomly.

What happens if my promocode is worth more than my purchase?

Imagine your promocode is worth €5 and the product you’re buying on Glovo costs €4. In that case, you’d have €1 left over.  Remember that the remaining balance has the same expiry date.

Do you have Glovo promocodes? Now you know how to use them and activate them to make the most of the app! Our app is brimming with benefits just for you. Our main aim is to make things simpler for you, helping you out with your day to day life. The small things in life make us happy.

Order with Glovo and enjoy a quick, impeccable service. You can use your promocodes to order your favorite pizza or buy groceries. Want to send a special gift to someone you love? Our couriers will pick up and deliver it on the same day. Start making the most of Glovo now!

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