How would you like to place a supermarket home delivery order and have it delivered to your home in less than half an hour? Glovo Supermarket is committed to offering you a quality experience with its grocery delivery service. Best of all, you only need to have the Glovo app downloaded for the magic to happen.

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How to order with Glovo Supermarket?

The first thing you need to do is download the Glovo app to your smartphoneor tablet. Once you have done that, register and then spend some time getting used to it the layout. You can quickly become familiar with the user interface this way. However, it is important to know that the brains behind Glovo have designed a very simple and intuitive app, so you won’t have a problem finding your way around it.

Once you are in the app and have selected your delivery city, you can explore the different bubbles that will appear. If you see the “groceries” or “supermarket” bubble, you are in luck because our riders will be able to deliver groceries to you in no time.

Tap the chosen bubble and review the number of local shops and supermarkets available in your area. Chose the store you want to buy from and start planning your supermarket delivery order online. It’s a piece of cake!

You’ve already placed your order! Now it is time for Glovo to work its magic and get your order delivered to you in the shortest possible time.

The magic of Glovo Supermarket

  • Our customer places a supermarket order through the app.
  • We assign the order to the nearest rider. The goal is to avoid delays and speed up the entire process.
  • The store receives the order notification and prepares it.
  • The assigned rider collects the order.
  • We deliver it to you in record time.

The whole objective of this shopping process is to optimise the user experience. With Glovo, those online grocery shop orders that took days to be delivered to your home are a thing of the past. Thanks to Glovo Supermarket, the deck is stacked, as we have changed the rules of the game. The idea is that you can do your grocery shopping the same way as if you were going to the supermarket in person.

Who are Glovo’s pickers?

Our pickers are essential for improving your experience with Glovo. They work directly with the supermarkets and food shops that have agreements with our digital platform. They are responsible for the whole process, from the moment your order is received until the assigned rider delivers it to your home.

They do all the product picking, order packing, handing completed orders over to our riders, and resolving any possible incidents during the process. Therefore, their presence helps us greatly reduce the preparation time it takes the store to prepare your order, which allows us to reduce the delivery time by more than 10 minutes.

We could define Glovo Supermarket pickers as the link between the rider, the shop and the user. We are able to speed up the whole procedure and offer you quality service thanks to them, which makes us unique.

Glovo Supermarket in Spain

Unfortunately, the whole world has been affected by an unexpected global pandemic. This situation has led to the digitalisation of many physical stores, most notably grocery stores. The problem is that many of these supermarkets didn’t have the adequate infrastructure in place to respond to a growing market, one where supermarket home delivery orders were on the rise.

Glovo Supermarket monitored the situation to come to the rescue and managed to improve the shopping and delivery process for prestigious Spanish supermarkets. You can get groceries from well-known supermarkets with our app, such as Carrefour, Dia, Condis, Alcampo and Sánchez Romero, among others.

The lockdown experience in Spain has caused a significant increase in grocery shopping through digital platforms. Luckily, Glovo Supermarket has been by your side during all these months, ready to make your life easier and deliver your favourite products in record time.

The challenge now is to remain your favourite grocery shopping app, grow with you and continue improving your experience with us. Shortening delivery times is always our priority.

What is Glovo Express?

Glovo Express is a reality in our delivery app. It consists of our platform’s own stores, where you can buy all kinds of grocery and supermarket products with just a few clicks. It’s a high-quality service, which we offer to make it easy for you.

Glovo Express is available in many Spanish cities. As you know, our app’s expansion plan never stops thriving, and this service is something we don’t want you to miss out on. The big advantage of offering our own grocery stores is that they are operational 24 hours a day.

What can you find in Glovo Express?

Glovo Express offers you a wide selection of everyday products. It is Glovo’s own supermarket, where you can buy everything you find in your usual supermarket. For example, you have an incredible selection of fresh products, such as seasonal fruits and vegetables, the best meat in the area, quality fish and delicatessen options.

If you want to fill your pantry, Glovo Supermercado is great. In our application you will discover all kinds of precooked dishes, rice, legumes, sauces, oils, etc. Any product you can imagine can be ordered through Glovo Express and received at home in no time.

As Glovo Express delivers your orders ultrafast, you can order frozen with complete confidence. Products that need cold will arrive at your home in perfect condition. It’s the Glovo guarantee!

In addition, you can order pharmacy, such as infant food and baby diapers. Have you run out of diapers and are you about to go into crisis? Wait a second! Enter Glovo Supermercado and trust Glovo Express to order diapers at home. You will have them at home in less than 10 minutes. Goodbye problem!

Receive your purchase in less than 10 minutes

What Glovo Express offers you is the assurance that you will enjoy ultra-fast delivery for supermarket products. Our commitment to you is to deliver your purchase in less than 10 minutes, or in other words, in 600 seconds. We can do this thanks to the implementation of our own warehouses and supermarkets in Spain.

Every day there are more cities that have the option of ordering from Glovo supermarket through the Glovo Express bubble. You will be able to make your purchase with total security, in a completely intuitive way and receive it at home at lightning speed. Have you already tried this service?

It’s a great option when you need grocery products to use on the day. Imagine that you are going to prepare a specific recipe, like the Christmas panettone for example, and you don’t have enough flour or the butter you have in the fridge is out of date… Glovo Express will come to the rescue and you’ll be able to make your recipe in less than 10 minutes! Isn’t that great?

You have not yet placed your orders in Glovo Supermarket? What are you waiting for? Download the Glovo app and shop in comfort, without leaving home. We move for you!

FAQ about Glovo Express

1. How do I order the online purchase with Glovo Express?

This is very easy! To make the grocery shopping through Glovo Express you need to have downloaded the Glovo App. If you don’t have it yet, download it now, because it will get you out of a thousand troubles. Follow the steps below to make your purchase quickly:
–         Enter in your Glovo account from the app or the website
– Tell us where you want to receive the Glovo Express order.
– Look for the Glovo Express bubble.
– Once inside, you can browse the different product categories.
– Make your purchase easily and intuitively.
– Pay the order through our secure payment gateway.
– Wait and in less than 10 minutes we will deliver it to you.
– As simple as that!

2. How do I track my order on Glovo Express?

The Glovo app is quite simple and intuitive. In general, once you have completed the order, you can see where it is. As soon as one of our riders is on his way, you will see his location in real time on the map. If the tracking does not appear automatically, you can find it in “my orders”.

3. Where can I find the Glovo Express closest to me?

This is something Glovo does in an automated way. We only show you the Glovo Express option that is available in your delivery area. If you still do not see this bubble in the application it is because we have not yet reached your area, but do not be overwhelmed because we will be there where you need us sooner rather than later. We are in the process of expanding Glovo Express!

4. What are the Glovo Express hours?

Generally, Glovo Express schedules depend on the city you live. In large cities, such as Madrid or Barcelona, this service is open until early in the morning (until 3:00 a.m. in Barcelona and until 4:00 a.m. in Madrid). In general, we try to offer supermarket products for a wide range of hours, in order to ensure a quality service. In addition, during certain designated days, such as Black Friday, the days before Christmas or other important events, you could find that Glovo Express is open for you 24 hours a day.

5. What products can I order from Glovo Express?

You just have to browse through the categories available on Glovo Express to see that there are plenty of options for placing your orders. You can order everything, such as fruits, vegetables, meats, cans, frozen foods, cleaning and household products, snacks, dairy, ice cream, sweets and even parapharmacy options.In Glovo Express you can also order all kinds of drinks from a myriad of brands . What we want is to be able to take you home anything you need from the supermarket. And the commitment is to do it as quickly as possible.

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