GoXO is the home-delivery version of the famous Madrid chef Dabiz Muñoz. It is a reinterpretation of their culinary qualities, specially prepared so that they reach you at home with all the flavour and quality of their ingredients. Do you want to know how to order GoXO with Glovo ? Don’t move, because we’re telling you now!

And now you can redeem your gift card to continue enjoying the delights of this restaurant from the comfort of your own home.

Lasagna Goxo Glovo

Before we start, it is very important that you know what GoXO is and what its origins are. This proposal of haute cuisine at home comes from the only chef who holds three Michelin stars in Madrid. DiverXO is a more personal and avant-garde proposal, but you can also taste his street dishes at StreetXO, his particular vision of the world’s street food.

DiverXO has held the famous three stars since 2013. Since then, Dabiz Muñoz’s concerns have not stopped growing and now he surprises us with the tasty possibility of tasting unique dishes in the warmth of our own home.

GoXO was launched on 7 May by the emblematic Madrid chef and Glovo. With quality as a gastronomic flag, Dabiz Muñoz proposes us different dishes in his particular home delivery menu .

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GoXo menu at home

GoXO’ s menu changes depending on various factors, so we recommend that you do not miss the novelties that surprises us every day. Download the Glovo app or visit our website and enjoy the best proposals of creative and quality cuisine at home.

Menu el GoXo Madrid
GoXo Madrid Menu – April 2021

GoXO: haute cuisine at home

The presentation of this new gastronomic project of the praised chef from Madrid took place on May 7, 2020 on Instagram. The keys to GoXO were presented with the irreverent style that surrounds Dabiz Muñoz and his succulent gastronomic proposals. “Quality above all else”, is the premise with which GoXO comes to light.

Stew Hong Kong El Goxo Glovo

Muñoz’s goal is that his food delivery has no limits and that the offer remains for the long term. Glovo has been the platform chosen to make this tasty delivery project a reality.

If you want to place an order at GoXO you will need to have the Glovo app installed on your smartphone. According to the soul of the party, each dish is a sample of “enlightened gochismo” that represents the most succulent flavors of the moment.

Goxo stewed lentils home delivery

How to order at GoXO with Glovo?

GoXo orders on Glovo can be placed directly on the mobile app or on the web. Dabiz Muñoz assures us that with just one dish you will be able to taste the wonders of his cuisine without being even a little bit hungry.

A great idea, before ordering the GoXO with Glovo, is to check out the account of Instagram of the tasty project. In this profile, the chef tells us how to taste each of the dishes on the menu. In addition, you can attend the presentation of new gastronomic proposals, to choose those recipes that best represent you.

Goxo Glovo Cocktail

How does the GoXO work?

To place your order you have two options: use live ordering or schedule your order to receive it on a specific day. Our advice is that you should bet on scheduling, as availability is limited.

How do I order GoXO?

Live orders, on the other hand, work differently. Access the Glovo app or website to order live from Wednesday to Sunday at 1: 30pm or 8:30pm.

Scheduled orders can be placed from Monday to Saturday, from 12:30 to 16:00 or from 19:30 to 23:00.

Scheduled orders at GoXo

Our deliverymen will deliver your order with all the guarantees that such succulent recipes require. Discover the delicacies created by Dabiz Muñoz with Glovo!


Still have doubts? We have prepared some frequently asked questions that may arise when ordering GoXo:

El GoXo Ediciones limitadas:

San Valentin 2022: Durante la semana del 14 de Febrero, el GoXo Madrid ha preparado un postre muy especial en su menú: Love XO, este tal vez es el pastel de San Valentín más famoso de España, así que a darse prisa y ordenarlo pues sólo estará disponible para pedir por Glovo en la semana del 14 al 20 de Febrero.

¿Qué Ingredientes tiene Love Xo?

  • Mousse de fresas y umeboshi
  • Esponjoso de mascarpone
  • Cremoso de lichis-rosas
  • Bizcocho húmedo.

Alérgenos: Gluten, frutos secos, huevos, lácteos y soja.


When can I order GoXO with Glovo?

Dabiz Muñoz’s kitchen is open from Wednesday to Sunday for programmed and direct.

How can I enjoy GoXO at home?

You can schedule an order in advance or order live.
In both cases you will do it from the “Alta Cocina” section in the app or on the web, which is available from 12h30-16h and 19h30-23h.

GOXO comes to my house?

To maintain the quality of the food and ensure a good experience GoXO does not cover a certain area of the cities where it is present.

I want to change the time of my scheduled order. May I?

The GoXO kitchen is organized to deliver the orders programmed in the 2 pre-established schedules.
In case you need to change the time, we recommend you to cancel your order (you can do it FREE of charge up to 1 hour before delivery) and reorder.
If the schedule options don’t work for you, we encourage you to ask for it in the Direct .

Can I pick up my order at the GoXO kitchen?

This service is currently only available at GoXo Barcelona. Before placing your order, choose the option “Pick up in store”.
If you don’t see this option, it’s because it’s not available at the moment.

I have had an incident with a previous order and I want to complain.

To contact Glovo for GoXo related issues, please write to GOXO@GLOVOAPP.COM and we will contact you as soon as possible.

How to order GoXO in Barcelona?

If you want to place an order for the GoXo in Barcelona, see our post where we solve all your doubts, or visit our website to schedule your order.

Discover the GoXO menu with Glovo

The variety of dishes available on the GoXO menu is reflected in the menu that you will find in Glovo. As we have said, the proposals are changing, depending on the seasonal ingredients and other factors.

Each dish is presented on the menu with a unique pairing proposal. Of course, you can live the whole experience by ordering the ideal wine for your order.

The star dessert at GoXO is the famous “la Pedroche” cheesecake, a sweet recipe that the chef dedicates to his wife, who has become his muse.

La Pedroche Glovo Cheesecake

You can also get your hands on the emblematic StreetXO cap or the XO tongs, ideal for plating your culinary creations with art and style.

XO Merchandising

How much does GoXO cost?

Although at first glance the prices of GoXo may seem a little high, the truth is that it is quite generous dishes, usually designed to be shared, we are talking about an average price of 30 € per person, we assure you that you will not regret it.

Have you already ordered GoXO with Glovo 💛? What are you waiting for to let your palate enjoy unique flavours, reinterpreted by one of Spain’s most emblematic chefs? Place your order with Glovo and don’t miss out on everything the XO universe can do for you. Let your imagination fly through the most avant-garde flavours!

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