You probably order a takeaway quite a lot. It’s a simple thing that can make our lives a lot easier. But did you know that, with Glovo, you can order much more than just food? If you’re not sure what you can order with Glovo, stick around to find out. Our couriers are here to make your life easier.

Food is, of course, the priority for most Glovo users. In fact, pastries were one of the things ordered most in 2019. Our app has become an essential tool for thousands upon thousands of people, who show their trust in us everyday, placing orders with us. As this is a two way street, we want to make sure you get the most of out the app. And you don’t miss out on all the other things you could be ordering. You’ll have them at your door before you can say Glovo!

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10 things you can order online with Glovo

1. Satisfyers

Don’t make that face – this has been a best seller recently. Although you might not believe it, this toy has become one of the gifts that’s most commonly sent through our app. You don’t need us to tell you what a satisfyer is, but you should know that our couriers will deliver it anywhere with total discretion. Have you got yours yet? You can send it as a gift too!

2. Pregnancy tests

Another order we often get is for pregnancy tests. We know you want answers as quickly as possible, so order a pregnancy test to be delivered anywhere, and you’ll have it in the blink of an eye. We’ve got our fingers crossed that it’s the result you were hoping for! Remember, you can always order pharmacy products through our app. Our deliveries are safe and quick.

3. Condoms

Yes, Glovo offers a condom supply too, so there’s no excuse not to be safe. You never know what might happen in life, and we know that this product can sometimes be essential and urgent. So, we’ve made it easy for you to get condoms delivered to the privacy of your own home. If you’re embarrassed to buy condoms, turn to Glovo, and enjoy!

4. Gifts

Buying gifts to be delivered is a gamechanger. The big advantage of using our app for this kind of order is that it can be delivered the same day. Pick the store you like the most, choose from all kinds of options and find the perfect gift. Toys, flowers, clothes, gourmet products, etc. These are just a few of the options you can send as a present with Glovo.

5. Wine

We don’t want you to go without your favorite wine! And if you suddenly find your supplies are running low, we know you need a way to stock up easily. We do a lot of wine deliveries. We work with prestigious wineries that offer delicious wines. Don’t miss out!

6. Tobacco

Ordering tobacco is another of the options our app has to offer you. Smoking isn’t one of the healthiest life choices you can make, but we’re not judging. If you need a packet of cigarettes, you can order it through the Glovo app and one of our couriers will bring it to you quick smart.

7. Plasters

As we’ve already mentioned, pharmacy products are one of the things that our users order most. Shoes rubbing? Need plasters? Order them on Glovo! Just place an order, tell us where you want them delivered and sit back and wait. It’s as simple as that!

8. Roses

Aren’t roses just the best gift ever? They’re a popular option on our app. Choose the bunch of flowers you like the most from any of our associated florists and give someone a wonderful surprise.

9. Lube

Just like condoms, lube is a popular order on Glovo. Why not get the complete kit for ultimate enjoyment? The best part is that our deliveries are totally safe and confidential. We’ll deliver products wherever you like, without asking questions or judging anyone.

10. Chocolate

They say chocolate is the best mood booster there is. And we love it when our customers are in a good mood, so order chocolate or other sweet treats to be delivered to your door. Discover how to make the very most of our app, taking advantage of personalized deliveries of incredible products.

Because Glovo is much more than just takeaways. We’ve listed 10 products that you can order on our app and get delivered to your door with total peace of mind. Have you ordered with Glovo yet?

Visit our website now and discover all the stores available. Isn’t it amazing that you can order all this from the comfort of your own home, and all on one app? We make your life easier!

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