Have a restaurant and want to be part of Glovo? Want to expand your business and be part of the digital revolution? At Glovowe make it easy for you. Don’t wait for a rep to get in touch with you. You can become a Glovo Partner right now, super easily. Join Glovo and start enjoying the advantages of a delivery service. Discover how Glovo works and learn how to make the most of all our services.

how Glovo works

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We tell you how Glovo works

Glovo has become the best friend of all kinds of local businesses. A Spanish startup, our focus on the local is reducing the impact of the pandemic on businesses that are part of Glovo.

We’re continually investing more in optimizing local businesses and offering solutions to restaurant and store owners. More than 800,000 euros have been invested in digitalization campaigns for our partners to support local businesses.

how Glovo works

The hospitality industry in Spain is going through tough times. The same is true for some SMEsand small stores. Delivery has saved many restaurants that used to only offer eat-in services. We believe in the full digitalization of restaurants and stores, offering customers ways to consume safely.

This year, businesses like ice cream parlors have seen that, through home delivery on the Glovo app, their sales have stayed healthy, when trends weren’t looking good. Glovo helps restaurants join the digital era and stay up to date in turbulent times.

During the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic, huge numbers of small and medium businesses and local stores have seen that online orders have helped their businesses stay afloat, despite the limitations. In total, more than 750 restaurants have joined Glovo’s ranks, thus being able to successfully open new lines of business.

Advantages of being part of Glovo

If you still don’t understand how Glovo works for restaurants or Partners of all kinds, then it’s important for you to know that you will manage and control all your orders. That’s vital, as it means keep control over your orders. We’ll help you get new customers and assure them a quality delivery service.

how Glovo works

Your brand’s reputation will improve thanks to a wider range of services and the best user experience. What’s more, your local business will become part of a database with millions of users.

The main advantage of becoming a Glovo Partner is increased sales and profits. Our couriers will deliver your orders in less than 30 minutes, with the commitment to quality and the know-how that a well established company like Glovo can offer.

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How Glovo works for restaurants

Find out how Glovo works for restaurants in this simple video. If you have a restaurant and still don’t offer delivery, Glovo makes it quick and easy. Sign up to Glovo by filling in our contact form and our sales team will get in touch with you ASAP.

How Glovo works: Guide for restaurants

It currently takes about a week for them to contact you. And your restaurant will be fully up and running within 12 days. That means that within 12 days of sending the form, you’ll receive your first order. Your customers will thank you for it!

how Glovo works

Now you know how Glovo works and how we can help you grow your local business. Now’s the time to take a few minutes to fill in the form and join the ranks of our Partners. And remember, Glovo is much more than just a food delivery app. Our couriers can take anything anywhere, as long as it fits in our backpack. In fact, Glovo Market has become one of the most popular services for buying groceries during these turbulent times.

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