Did you know that you can use Glovo for same-day deliveries from A to B within the same city? If not, then you’re going to love this. Imagine you’ve arrived home with your groceries and suddenly realize you left your keys inside. What’s going to happen to all the frozen food? This is always a stressful situation.

But with Glovo, you can relax. Just use the same-day delivery service and one of our riderswill go and pick up a copy of your house keys. It’s happened to us all. You need to get into your house and your friend has a set of keys, but they live ages away. Glovo to the rescue!

Just open up the Glovo app and make the most of the Delivery Express service. Our riderswill take whatever you need from A to B within the same city. The main requirement is that whatever it is fits in our famous yellow backpacks. It’s not all food delivery!

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How can you do same day deliveries with Glovo?

Regarding the same day deliveries, we offer two different solutions. From one hand, we can deliver what you need from one point to the other of the city. For the other hand, you can receive in one of the different delivery time slots, everything you buy from our shops, depending on the location, indeed.

1. Send and pick up with Glovo

Your mum has made a delicious lunch and you’re dying to have some. But you just can’t be bothered to go out. Ask Glovo to bring them to you! Using same day deliveries makes it’s super easy. All you have to do is open the Glovo app and click on the “Delivery Express” bubble.

Once you’re in, it’s super easy. Follow the steps you’ll be guided through on the app and request Delivery Express. Write your pickup address and the delivery point. Glovo will take anything that fits in our backpack from one point in the city to another. So there are no excuses! Glovo makes your life so much easier.

If you’re trying out all the recipes we’ve been sharing with you recently, then amaze your friends by sending them a sampleof the tasty treats you’ve been cooking up. They’ll love it. Don’t you think?

2. Same day delivery on purchases

There’s another super useful thing Glovo can do for you. Check out the selection of storeswe have available in your city and enjoy same day delivery on any of them. If our delivery route allows, your orders will be with you within an hour.

Imagine you need some nappies, right now. Don’t worry, just place an order on Glovo and they’ll be with you in a flash!

As you can see, our mission is to make your life easier. With us, you can order things you’d never have imagined, but you can also use our courier service within your city. Did you know about Glovo’s same day delivery services?

FAQs about Glovo’s same day delivery service

How do I order through Glovo?

We often get questions about how to use Glovo. Although our team has made it as simple as possible to use our platforms, we understand that some people might still have questions. The Glovo website is very easy to use (as is the app). If you’re still not sure how to use it we suggest you check out our guide on how to use Glovo for answers to any questions related to both our same day deliveries and our food delivery service.

What can you order on Glovo?

Basically ANYTHING (legal). If it fits in our backpack, we can pick up and deliver anything you want within an hour.
Here’s a list (a limited one, as the possibilities are endless) of the things you could order with Glovo.
Send documents
Delivery Express for urgent items (for example, send your forgetful housemate your keys)
Send tupperwares of food
Forget your charger at home? No problem, get your mum to send it to your office with Glovo.

How does Glovo delivery work?

If you want to learn to send things with Glovo, it’s easy. All you have to do is:
1. Open the website (or the app if you have it on your mobile). Once in the app, you’ll see the bubbles available at that time. If the Delivery Express bubble is active then click on it.
2. You’ll see a screen where you can enter some important information. We’ll ask you where we should pick up the product, where we should deliver it, what it is and when you want to do it.
3. Once you’ve filled out all of the above, you’ll see the different forms of payment available and the total.
Simple as that.

Still got questions about Delivery Express? Don’t miss this post which explains how the service works in more detail.

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