Glovo Score: what it is and how it is calculated

Glovo Score: what it is and how it is calculated

At Glovo, user happiness is our main focus. Thatā€™s why we have come up with the scoring system called Glovo Score, a data-driven way to select the best restaurants in our monthly Top 10 lists.

The Glovo Score identifies the restaurants and stores in the Glovo network which have received the highest amount of positive reviews by the customers who ordered food or anything else from them via the Glovo website or app.

The Glovo score is calculated this way: 1 point is assigned for each positive feedback a verified customer has voluntarily given to a restaurant or store. So we can say that the Glovo score points match the amount of positive votes a Glovo partner receives in a given time period.

For example, if a restaurant receives 60 ratings and 50 of them are positive (i.e. Thumb Ups), the Glovo score of that restaurant is 50.

The main objective of the Glovo Score is to rank the restaurants and stores Glovo users like the most and have had the best experience with. For this reason we calculate it on a monthly basis and the previous scores are not aggregated: to be fair with every partner, every month the score is re-calculated from zero.

For the same reason we often associate the Glovo Score with the percentage of positive ratings against the total ratings a store or restaurant received in a given month: a high Glovo score and a high percentage of positive ratings are a strong sign of appreciation.

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