Fresh and tasty news for all of you who live in Barcelona! El GoXO is coming to your homes! Surely you were looking forward to try the haute cuisine designed for the Delivery of the hand of the chef Dabiz Muñoz. Well, now it’s possible! GoXO joins forces again with Glovo to offer you a great gastronomic experience.

What it offers you The GoXO Barcelona is a review of haute cuisine, thought by one of the most important chefs we have in the country. Homemade food that goes beyond. They are elaborations in which ingenuity and fresh local products are used, but which have a very rock or punk touch, being recipes created by Dabiz Muñoz.

In Madrid they have been enjoying the “gochismo ilustrado en casa” since May. The pilot experience of Dabiz Muñoz’s Gourmet Delivery The pilot experience of Dabiz Muñoz’s restaurant started in the capital, where two of his emblematic restaurants are located: DiverXO and StreetXO. The result has been an indescribable success.

There are many orders that are prepared every day to receive El GoXO at home in those homes where the delivery option is available. Today Barcelona is in luck because it will also be able to enjoy a unique gourmet experience, at a great price and without leaving home.

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Dabiz Muñoz’s restaurant in Barcelona

In Barcelona, Dabiz Muñoz takes advantage of all the infrastructure provided by the NH Hoteles group. In this restaurant there is a complete team of haute cuisine cooks, trained by the chef of DiverXO, whose aim is to offer prepared dishes that will arrive at home without losing an ounce of flavour.

The purpose of El GoXO Barcelona is to make you enjoy through the exotic flavors of traditional recipes, which have been reinvented. The most demanding palates have already been seduced by recipes as typical as the cocido madrileño. In this case, the recipe is inspired by Asian flavours, offering the user an explosion of nuances.

The GoXO at home in Barcelona: how to order

In the same way that happens in Madrid, to order El GoXO at home in Barcelona you can opt for the preorders or place your orders live. We recommend that you anticipate.

Follow the next steps if you want to order Gourmet food from El GoXO Barcelona:

  • Download the Glovo App (or place your order directly on our website!)
  • If you have not yet registered with Glovo it is essential that you do so.
  • Log in to your profile.
  • If you are in Barcelona you have to look for the Haute Cuisine bubble.
  • Once inside that bubble if El GoXO serves in your delivery area it should appear.
  • Access the restaurant’s Delivery and start placing your order.
  • Remember that the option to order takeaway food is only active at scheduled times:
    • Schedule order: any day of the week from 12:30 pm and 7:30 pm.

What to order at El GoXO Barcelona?

Chef Dabiz Muñoz’s philosophy for his takeaway restaurants is quite peculiar. All the dishes they have published are tasty recipes, made with seasonal ingredients.

These are ephemeral preparations, because they will not always be on the menu. This means that the menu of El GoXO is changing. Therefore, the best advice is to forget your initial expectations and review the options before ordering through Glovo.

GoXo Barcelona Menu – Updated April 2021

La Pedroche’s cheesecake seems to continue to delight lovers of the tastiest sweet recipes. It has undoubtedly become a favourite dessert for many of those who have been lucky enough to try Muñoz’s haute cuisine at home.

The recipes that El GoXO Barcelona offers us are served with the aim of getting them home in perfect condition. Therefore, the chef teaches us how to serve them at the Instagram of the restaurant . Follow him if you want to live the full experience!

What are you waiting for to order El GoXO at home in Barcelona? At Glovo we have opened the doors to the most irreverent gourmet Delivery, knowing that you are going to enjoy a high level experience.

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