Although finding healthy food restaurants looks easy, in reality all that glitters is not gold. Glovo has therefore decided to take a look at the healthy options available in two of the busiest cities in Spain: Madrid and Barcelona. We’re sure you’ve already tried many healthy dishes, such as homemade dishes or haute cuisine by famous chefs.

In fact, there are many healthy cooking experts who share valuable advice to lead the best possible lifestyle, ranging from simple salads with seasonal vegetables to delicious cooked dishes. However, today we want to surprise you with some new and striking restaurants.

We have two options for you: you can either download the Glovo app onto your mobile and order healthy takeaway food from any of our healthy food restaurants; or you can simply do your shopping with Glovo Supermarket, order your groceries for home delivery and prepare your own healthy recipes at home using natural, high-quality ingredients. Not bad, eh?

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Healthy Food Restaurants in Barcelona

Healthy food restaurants in Barcelona offer healthy dishes like this apple, spinach and dried fruit salad.

1. Flax & Kale

An innovative healthy food concept has landed in Barcelona with this interesting restaurant. The truth is that Flax & Kale has grown so much that its own unique take on healthy eating can now also be enjoyed in Madrid.

The cuisine in its mouth-watering menu was born 40 years ago, when the family opened Lleida’s first vegetarian restaurant. Since then, Flax & Kale has made a firm commitment to flexitarian cuisine, one of the various diet styles arising in the early 1990s. Its cuisine focuses mainly on vegetable products, pulses, grains and seasonal fruit, with a small amount of fresh animal ingredients, particularly fish.

Price: rango-precios

Unmissable: the tasty and mouth-watering healthy brunches on the breakfast menu. Tasting an Açaí Bowl at Flax & Kale is a joy for all the senses.

2. Teresa Carles

This concept of vegetarian cuisine was born in Lleida in 1979. In fact, Teresa Carles was the first restaurant opened by the family behind Flax & Kale. So you already know a bit about its history. In addition, it’s also one of the oldest healthy food restaurants in Barcelona.

If you like homemade food from the land made with extremely healthy local ingredients, this vegetable cuisine option is a must-try. In fact, sustainabilityis in Teresa Carles’ gastronomic DNA.

Price: rango-precios

Unmissable: any starter at Teresa Carles will surprise you. Innovative textures mixed with unique flavours will change the way you see vegetarianism.

3. FlexBowls

Healthy food restaurants such as FlexBowls have landed in Barcelona to fly the flag of flexitarianism as a way of life. Indeed, all the fresh dishes on offer are a resounding success.

If you want a different experience, drop by FlexBowls and enjoy their succulent healthy dishes on-site. Or, if you’re a fan of savouring the best healthy recipes at home, you can always place an order with Glovo and choose your favourite dishes and delivery option, and your high-quality food will be with you before you know it.

Price: rango-precios

Unmissable: a good way to understand this healthy eating concept is by creating your own Poke Bowl based on your favourite flavours. To do this, choose a vegetable base, an organic grain, some protein (animal or vegetable) and your favourite sauces. The possibilities are endless.

4. Sopa

Sopa is the name of a chain of amazing healthy food restaurants in dozens of cities all over the world, including Barcelona and Madrid. In fact, their extensive macrobioticand vegetarian menu includes healthy soups(Sopa means “soup” in Spanish). At Sopa you can easily taste vegan recipes with excellent unique flavours and the best seasonal ingredients.

In addition to savouring each of their recipes at the restaurant itself, you can also buy the best healthy and sustainable products in person at their shop.

Price: rango-precios

Unmissable: from Monday to Friday you can choose their tasty and inexpensive weekly set menu, which is constantly changing.

5. Vacka

This vegan restaurant is committed to improving the healthy food available in Barcelona. You will find it in the heart of the Gracia neighbourhood. In addition to its delicious recipes, you will be surprised by the establishment’s magnificent decor.

Price: rango-precios

Unmissable: its full-flavoured artisan cheeses.

Healthy food restaurants in Madrid

Healthy food restaurants in Madrid have an attractive menu where you can try vegetable dishes such as this bowl of fresh tomato and chickpeas.

1. Healthy Hunters

With two healthy food restaurants – one in Madrid and one in Albacete – Healthy Hunters has emerged as a genuine alternative for healthy eating. The main premise that inspired the partners who created this proposal was the wish to avoid the usual fast food made with greasy ingredients that had taken hold of Madrid. Quick dishes, home delivery and organic ingredients of the highest possible quality. This is what you’ll find at Healthy Hunters.

Price: rango-precios

Unmissable: any of its luscious poke bowls. However, if you’d rather not take any risks, you can design your own healthy Bowl.

2. Tasty Poke Bar

As mentioned above, having arrived in Europe from the distant islands of Hawaii, poke is here to stay. The creators of Tasty Poke already knew this, and they wanted to convey their passion for healthy living and this concept born far from Europe through these colourful dishes. And, since everyone is unique, you can create your own bowl by choosing a base, some essential protein, a sauce and a topping.

Price: rango-precios

Unmissable: its starters, such as edamame hummus, and its banana chips with homemade guacamole.

3. Mama Campo

Fresh local and organic food is the key to the success of this beautiful healthy food restaurant located in Madrid. In fact, Mama Campo’s concept is based on relying on small producers for the ingredients it uses in its dishes. In fact, most of the products used here are organic.

Price: rango-precios

Unmissable: their delicious veggie burgers will transport you to another world.

4. Poke and Greens

Madrid’s healthy food restaurants have been won over by the healthy fast-food concept. High-quality ingredients and perfectly prepared dishes so you can enjoy exclusive cuisine and extraordinary flavours. Furthermore, you can also try their vegan options if you wish.

Price: rango-precios

Unmissable: this restaurant specialises in delicious poke bowls. Poke Greens will surprise you with its combination of flavours and ingredients.

5. Olivia te cuida

If there is one place in Madrid that is synonymous with charming cuisine, that’s Olivia te cuida. A small but magical place a stone’s throw away from Paseo de la Castellana where you can enjoy delightful and imaginative Mediterranean-style dishes made with high quality products.

Healthy cuisine features highly in this healthy food restaurant thanks to this fabulous restaurant in Madrid. Here you can taste unique recipes prepared with all the love that comes from having the right combination of ingredients.

Price: rango-precios

Unmissable:all their salads get top marks. Their star dish, however, is the aubergine with pomegranate. Try it and you’ll be surprised by their attention to flavour.

The breakfast menu of some healthy food restaurants offers toast with avocado, a true vegan option.

Which healthy food restaurants in Barcelona and Madrid would you add to our list? The truth is that the number of healthy food options available is growing every day and, with Glovo, you can try them all from the comfort of your own home. Place your healthy order and keep looking after yourself! Glovo-icon


How can I order healthy food to take to work?

You don’t need to be at home to order all the dishes you want: you can receive your healthy food delivery wherever you are. Just go to our website or app, and search for the best restaurants near you in our Restaurants section (you can filter by food type). One of our couriers will quickly deliver it to your office so you can make the most of your break.

Can I use brown rice in my poke bowl?

It depends on the restaurant you choose. Most of them allow you to create your own poke bowl. You first need to choose a base of rice, quinoa or lettuce. You then need to add some protein – the available options include fish, meat or pulses. Finally, choose your favourite sauce to give your healthy menu the perfect flavour.

Do healthy food restaurants only serve vegan food?

Absolutely not. In fact, vegan food isn’t the only healthy food out there. Take Mediterranean cuisine, for example, which is considered one of the healthiest in the world, precisely because of its incredible variety of dishes.
And don’t forget the many other international foods you can choose for a healthy and balanced diet.

What are the best foods for a healthy lifestyle?

There are countless foods that are key to our health. First, there are vegetables, which are rich in fibre and antioxidants and can be used to prepare flavoursome vegetarian dishes such as creamy pumpkin soup or stunning salads.

You must also remember to include protein, which includes vegetable protein – such as pulses – and animal protein – such as meat or oily fish. Finally, don’t forget to finish off your meal with seasonal fruit.

Is it healthy to eat meat?

Yes but, as with everything in this world, you mustn’t overdo it: it’s better to alternate with fish or pulses. Mediterranean food is a clear example of variety in its dishes.
The most important thing is the quality of ingredients and choosing organic food where possible.

How can I lead a healthy lifestyle?

There are many ways to lead a healthy lifestyle, such as by doing exercise every day. But carefully choosing what you eat is key to staying fit.
That’s why Glovo provides you with the best healthy food restaurants in your city, so you can choose original homemade meals.
This way, you can spend more time getting fit at the gym.

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