Still don’t have your Mother’s Day gifts? Luckily you have Glovo to help you. We offer you a wide variety of gifts that you can order from our App, with all the security that characterizes us. The best thing is that we deliver your order to the place you specify, in the fastest possible time.

You can order your Mother’s Day gifts with Glovo and do two things: receive them at your own home and be the one to deliver the gift to mom or, on the contrary, surprise your mom completely and ask our team to deliver it to your mother’s house. How cool is that idea?

We’re sure you can think of countless things to give her, but you probably can’t even imagine that many of them can be ordered with Glovo. We offer you an intuitive and simple application, through which you will avoid unnecessary waste of time and find great products to give as gifts. And most of them have the free delivery fee thanks to Glovo Prime subscription.

A mother and her son celebrating Mother's Day

If you have no idea of what to do and neither time, don’t miss our gift ideas for mom. “It is well born to be thankful” and there is no one in the world you should thank more than your mother. So don’t forget her on such a special day and make her a fabulous gift.

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Your gifts for Mother’s Day to be delivered at home

1. An ideal fragrance

Perfumes as gifts for Mother's Day

I’m sure you know your mother’s favorite perfume. We have no doubt that she will be very grateful to you for giving her that fragrance that identifies her so much. In our application you will find the best perfumeries in your city, where you can buy a fabulous gift for mom.

Flowers delivery

Home delivery flowers as Mother's Day gifts

The gift par excellence for mothers are the flowers at home. Enter Glovo, search for available florists in your delivery area and order a bouquet of fresh flowers that will thrill the mommy. You’re sure to get it right!

3. Innovative cosmetics

Cosmetics as gifts for Mother's Day

Mothers love to take great care of their skin. In the perfumeries that you will find in the Glovo App you can select a pack of cosmetics specially designed to surprise on Mother’s Day. Makeup is also a great gift option for the most conceited moms. In addition, makeup and cosmetics companies often release limited editions to celebrate special days.

4. A relaxing experience

Massages or spa sessions as gifts for Mother's Day

Glovo also offers you the opportunity to give your mother a unique and relaxing experience. Massages, spa sessions, romantic dinners, hotel night, etc. Any detail is good for mom to enjoy life.

5. Breakfast delivery

Breakfast at home as gifts for Mother's Day

What’s better than having breakfast delivered to your bed? Have it delivered to your home by surprise! Discover our options of breakfast at home. You will be able to choose from an infinite number of proposals, both sweet and savory. And, if your mother is more modern and she is into the idea of the brunch don’t just stick to the basics and ask her for a fantastic brunch at home. You will enjoy it to the fullest!

6. Chocolate never fails

Chocolates as gifts for Mother's Day

If you’re racking your brain for the best Mother’s Day gifts, don’t forget to think about the basics. Chocolate is a sure hit. Who doesn’t like chocolate? Homemade chocolates and cakes will become the most appreciated detail for your mother.

7. A jewel is forever

Jewelry and rings as Mother's Day gifts

At Glovo we also work with some fantastic jewelry stores. Showing love to your mother through a beautiful piece of jewelry is a great idea. You can have a personalized detail, which fills with emotion the person who brought you into the world.

With Glovo you can also order personalized jewelry that will be delivered to your home in no time.

8. The pleasure of a good story

A good book is a fabulous gift for Mother's Day.

The books at home are a Glovo specialty. It really is a pleasure to immerse yourself in a wonderful and unique story through a good book. You will get your mother to enjoy every page, escaping and feeling the protagonist of her reading. Without a doubt, a book is a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day.

9. Latest technological wearables

Watches and tech accessories can be good Mother's Day gift ideas

The most modern and up to date moms will surely be very grateful if you give them a good gift. wearable . Wireless headsets and smartwatches are among the most innovative gift options. You can also bet on the technological universe and give mom a latest generation tablet , allowing her to stay connected to the world.

10. Glovo gift card

Glovo's gift card is an original gift idea for Mother's Day

What if she chooses the best gifts for Mother’s Day herself? How? Very easy! With the Glovo gift card. It will be your mom who, from our APP, will invest the amount of the card in whatever she wants. Cool, isn’t it?

11. A relaxing bath for mom

To celebrate Mother’s Day the perfect gift could be time to herself. If you take away mom’s worries and responsibilities, she will thank you for it. A bath bomb pack that allows you to enjoy a spa session at home is a marvel. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best gift ideas on such a special day. Tell her how much you love her with an infallible detail! At Glovo we make it easy for you because we offer you different options of original gifts for your mommy.

12. Make-up pack

mother's day gifts 2022

Any personal care accessory is a fantastic gift idea for Mother’s Day. The first Sunday in May is a special day in Spain and you have to live up to it. Moms deserve it all! A great gift idea is a quality makeup kit , such as Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Touche Éclat, which you can buy from Glovo in a great set, including a beautiful red lipstick. Your mother is going to love you even more!

13. Inspirational mug

We love mugs with cute phrases! It’s certainly a great way to tell your mom how much you adore her. If your budget is not very high, resorting to this type of accessories is a great idea, since the price they have is fair. At Fnac you can find the most original products with ideal phrases. Just log on to Glovo and discover the best gifts for moms. We bring them to the place of your choice!

An idea that we also really like, and it’s very inexpensive, needs you to get a little involved to personalize mom’s gift. Just find a nice photo with your mother, buy a photo frame from Glovo and put the picture in it. Spoiler! Your mother will love it!

14. Fashion sunglasses for moms

mother's day gifts 2022

An ideal souvenir could be a pair of sunglasses. Hawkers is in Glovo to bring you all the trends of the season in no time. I’m sure your mommy is fascinated by sunglasses! They are fantastic complements for spring and summer. If you are looking for an original gift to give to your mom do not miss the collection of glasses that we have in Glovo.

15. Cool summer pajamas

It’s not all about technology and jewelry! Sometimes the simplest gifts for mothers are the most desired. Did you know that you can buy clothes and pajamas at Glovo? We propose you to give a nice pair of pajamas as a gift for such a special holiday. Just enter Glovo stores and discover the fashion catalog available in your delivery area. In addition, you will be able to benefit from garments at infallible prices.

No more excuses! We’ve given you a bunch of Mother’s Day gift ideas to make mom’s day a success and thrill her. You just have to enter our App, place your order and tell us when you want to receive it. Leave everything else to us!

FAQ Mother’s Day Gifts from Glovo

What kinds of Mother’s Day gifts can I order with Glovo?

If you have already taken a look at the ideas of gifts for mothers that we have given you, you will have seen that in Glovo there are countless types of gifts. Your hand is to analyze which of them will make your mom more excited. Our goal is to offer you a wide variety of gifts, in order to find everything you are looking for. In Glovo you have fashion and accessories, jewellery, cutting-edge technology, books, flowers at home, breakfasts, perfumes, cosmetics, fashion accessories, parapharmacy products, small details, sports fashion, experiences, etc.

How do you buy a gift for the mother with Glovo?

Buying a gift for Mother’s Day with Glovo is easy. Follow these steps and you will have your purchase for mom in a jiffy:
-Log in to your Glovo profile. If you don’t have one yet, don’t waste your time and register yourself.
-Tell us where you want to receive the gift for mom. This is very important to show you a personalized offer and available in your delivery area.
-Enter the mother’s day bubble and discover everything we have for you.
-Select your gift and fill it comfortably from our platform.
-Wait a few minutes for us to bring it to you.
-If you want to buy flowers at home for mom you can always send them directly to her. What a surprise it will take!

How long does it take to get my Mother’s Day gift?

Delivery time in Glovo is very short. In fact, that’s our strength. You order from our app or from the web and we take care that you receive it as soon as possible. Within each of the stores you find in Glovo you can see the estimated time of delivery, this information is available at the top and is usually strictly enforced.

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