Next Friday, November 26th is the famous Black Friday. If you don’t know this day full of discounts on products of all kinds is that you don’t live on Earth šŸ˜‰. Black Friday discounts are coming to Glovo ! Aren’t you going to take advantage of the best delivery promotions? Discover everything we have prepared for you to enjoy the best prices on our platform!

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday discounts at Glovo

It would be impossible and unthinkable that there is a single person left in the world who is unaware of Black Friday discounts. But in Glovo we love to analyze these events and explain all its history.

This day, known as Black Friday, is the day that kicks off the Christmas shopping season. It is traditionally celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day in the United States, in order to promote consumption at a time when sales used to stagnate. What happened is that people used to wait until the Christmas season to do their shopping and November was not exactly buoyant in terms of sales.

It seems that the beginning of the Black Friday discounts is in the United States. Many stores are offering sales and unbeatable prices on the day after Thanksgiving. This quickly began to catch on with consumers and every year long queues of shoppers form at some of the country’s most iconic stores.

The origin of Black Friday discounts

Black Friday discounts at Glovo

Philadelphia could be the origin of Black Friday. According to official data this term may be related to the way in which the city police used to call the day after Thanksgiving, due to the immense traffic that collapsed the city. The traffic congestion was a consequence of the discounts that filled the shop windows of the traditional shops.

In the 1960s the term Black Friday began to be used in Philadelphia, spreading a decade later to the rest of the United States. To the rest of the world, Black Friday arrived with the turn of the millennium. Today, it is the international shopping festival.

Globalization, supported by the rise of the Internet, could be behind the celebration of Black Friday in all parts of the world.

Today, far from being a single shopping day, as tradition dictates, Black Friday extends over days and even weeks. In fact, there are stores that start with Black Friday discounts at the beginning of November and extend them beyond Cyber Monday, a kind of Black Friday designed only for the online sales .

Numbers are clear and ensure that the day after Thanksgiving is the day that accumulates the largest number of sales in a year in the United States. In the rest of the world, the data does not deceive and is along the same lines.

Currently you can enjoy sales on all kinds of items, such as fashion, electronics, appliances, household products, toys travel, experiences, etc.. Glovo also has great discounts for Black Friday! Do you want to meet them? Download the App now!

Glovo: Black Friday discounts for you

Black Friday discounts at Glovo

To take advantage of the Black Friday discounts that Glovo has repaired for you you just have to have a profile on the platform. We create the offer and you save a lot of money. Great! Isn’t it?

Check out Glovo’s Black Friday. As you can see, our promotions are available for different partners. You can buy online gifts, cultural products and enjoy the best price. Glovo Express at the best price. What do you think buy books as a Christmas present? Take advantage of Glovo’s Black Friday for your Christmas shopping and save for real!

Black Friday promotions in Spain

In Spain we have a dedicated bubble for Black Friday discounts. Enter our app or the website and click onf the Shosp and Gifs bubble with the balck label and you will find a lot of irresistible offers. Here are some examples of promotions we have prepared for you, but there are many more.


In Fnac you have up to 50% discount on many products, such as telephony, computers, video games among many others.


At Primor you have different discounts on many products such as perfumes for men, for women and personal care products.


At Apodemia the offer is -30% on all their products. You can’t miss it!

El Corte InglƩs

In El Corte InglĆ©s you can find all the video games and toys at the same price of the store. And don’t forget the free delivery, what more could you ask for?

Discover all the Black Friday offers from Glovo Express in Spain here:

In our Glovo Express you can find discounts ranging from 10% to 25% on many products such as alcohol, wines and beers, personal care products, yogurts, household cleaning, and much more.

Black Friday promotions in Kenya

Glovo’s Black Friday discounts also arrived in Kenya. In this country you can find a lot of offers in different stores such as up to 43% discount at Burger King, -18% at KFC, and a lot of 2 for 1 promotions.

But promotions are not only valid for restaurants, you can find a lot of discounted products in Naivas supermarkets, or Glovo Express. Finding those promotions is very easy: enter in our app or website and you easily find the Black Friday bubble. Click on it and a lot of offers will be shown to you.

Black Friday promotions in Uganda

In Uganda we have a lot of promotions for Black Friday. If you don’t want to miss anything, just click on the Black Friday bubble that you can find in our website homepage, or directly in our app.

There are a lot of promotions that it is difficult to write down all of them. You can find up to 36% discounts in Java House and also 2 for 1 promotions in selected partners. But because Glovo doesn’t deliver only food, you can find up to 52% discounts in Junction Health Pharmacy’s products. What are you waiting for?

Black Friday promotions in Ghana

Ghana couldn’t stay without Glovo’s Back Fridays promotions, and for this reason you can find a dedicated bubble here as well.

In this country the offers are valid only for the restaurants, you can find discounts that go from 10% up to 50% in a lot of our partners. Have a look and choose your favourite dish.

A Glovo rider delivering orders bought with Black Fridays discounts

You see Glovo has great Black Friday discounts for you. Are you sure what you are going to buy with Glovo this November 26th? Enjoy the best shopping experience with us!

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