Creamy, sweet, frothy – words like that bring Teh Tarik to the minds of just about any Malaysian around. Meaning “pulled tea”, Teh Tarik gets its name from the process of pouring the tea from one cup to another from a distance using a “pull” action to cool down the tea, as well as mix it thoroughly.

This hot beverage is essentially made with black tea that’s been sweetened with condensed milk, which gives it a smooth, almost caramelized flavour that’s both delicious and addictive. Teh Tarik has become a staple (albeit an indulgent one) in Malaysia, and we took a trip to find great tasting food which would pair well with this yummy beverage.

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D’ Tandoor

We headed to D’Tandoor, which serves up authentic north Indian and Arabic food. We decided to go with classic dishes to see how well Teh Tarik would go with them.

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With chicken tikka masala: The silky creaminess of the Teh Tarik pairs beautifully with this heady spice-filled dish. The milk in the tea really mellows out the spiciness that you’d get from the Tikka Masala, and finishes off on a sweet note in the mouth.

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With gulab jamoon: This decadently sweet dessert might be a bit much for some, so we definitely recommend requesting that the Teh Tarik be “kurang manis” or less sweet. Great for tea time, this dessert is lightly scented with rose water, and gives a great cake-like texture that goes nicely with the tea. Definitely a combination to try!

Pappa Rich

A well-known franchise brand in Malaysia, Pappa Rich serves up dishes that are quintessentially Malaysian, taking local dishes from major local cuisines (Chinese, Malay and Indian) and featuring them in their menu.

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With Hainan Toasted Bread with Butter and Sugar: Nothing beats a local classic like bread and tea. A hunky piece of toast served with a generous helping of butter and sprinkled with sugar crystals really does go well texture wise with Teh Tarik. There’s just something about eating something crunchy and washing it down with a creamy, sweet tea that’s oh-so-satisfying. Great for a tea time snack (or anytime of the day, really).

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With Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup with Prawns and Chicken Slices: A classic Chinese style noodle dish, these noodles are served up in a flavorful clear broth with prawns and steamed chicken slices. Now, pairing this with Teh Tarik could be hit or miss depending on you’d think Teh Tarik goes well with a savory Chinese broth. However, we think that ending a savory, light dish like this with something sweet like Teh Tarik is the right way to end any meal.

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